Regehr Contracting


SEA + SKY Townhomes

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Townhome Development client: Axiom Builders Scheduled duration: October 2023 – April 2024 contract Value: $6 Million Scope of work: All foreshore works  

Glover Road Bridge Rehabilitation

Short Description:Bridge Rehabilitation Client:Township of Langley Scheduled duration: March 2023-May 2023 Contract Value:$500,000 Scope of Work: Reconstructing of bridge deck Repaving Repairing of guard rail

Yorkson Bridge infrastructure

Yorkson Bridge

Short Description:Pedestrian Bridge Installation Client:Township of Langley Contract Value:$1,700,000 Scope of Work: Existing bridge demo Path removal and replacement Abutment installation Bridge prefab and launch Concrete deck installation Final environment remediation

Penticton Bridge

Penticton Bridge

Short Description:Bridge Installation Client:City of Pentiction Contract Value:$750,000 Scope of Work: Existing bridge demolition Environmental monitoring Abutment install Roadwork and prep Bridge installation

Lougheed Highway infrastructure

Lougheed Highway Upgrades

Short Description:Commercial Park Upgrades Client:Elevate Development Corp. Contract Value:$2,400,000 Scope of Work: Storm Works Rebuilding of offsite banks Intersection Re & Re Traffic Control Re & RE Paving of Highway Widening of Highway Median Installation

Charlie Lake dam civil construction

Charlie Lake Dam

Short Description:Dam Installation Client:HRC Construction Contract Value:$2,000,000 Scope of Work: Temporary water diversion Environmental monitoring Bulk excavation Dam installation